Campus Group

Campus Group

Evangelistic groups

Evangelistic Groups Today's college students are tomorrow's world leaders. It will really change the future of the world if every student had an opportunity to hear and obey the gospel.

ICPF operates mainly through its campus / off campus cells where we present the uniqueness of Christ as the only saviour of mankind. Students gather during their breaks or in the evening after school in houses or churches or public places. We plan to increase our cells to 1,000 to minister to about 25000 students a week. Strategies would include addition of new staff workers, student leaders and volunteers..

We are establishing student-leaders in the Body of Christ on college campuses who call their fellow students to cry out for revival centered on the truth of the Word of God. We want to raise up leaders who yearn for the Word and for the truth of the Word to cause salvation to spring up across their campuses.

Discipleship Group

This is an important program organized by student counsellors on a regular manner (weekly / biweekly etc). This aims to impart wholesome teaching of the word of God with a view to mould and develop students as true disciples of Jesus Christ and there by promoting moral and ethical uprightness of the student community.

Awareness Group

Many of the students are indulged in using Drugs, Alcohol, Panmasala, Tobacco etc, some are addicted to internet, pornography, T.V And other electronic media. Falling in love, premarital sex etc are some of the other problems among the students. Awareness groups are to make the student community conscious about evils of these bad habits and to give them sound ethical / moral teachings in order to make them good citizens of the country.