Prayer Conclave

What is Prayer Conclave?

Every year, the prayer warriors join together for a weekend to set apart time to pray for the vision to take action. The prayer conclave was designed to be a full ‘retreat’ from day today encumbrances. Leaving the hustle bustle of work, business and home, a dedicated group of individuals comprising of thirty to forty people gather in a retreat center and knock on the doors of heaven for provision, protection, providence, and progress of the activities of the International Missions. Prayer does not stop with an annual weekend event but it is carried back to the respective local regions where a handful of people come together every week to continue to pray for the matters as well those that are newly identified. Prayer enlightens the believers with clarity of vision and awakens them with increased vigor and zeal.

Get Involved

ICPF meets together every Thursday night at 8:00pm ( Dallas Central) for one hour to pray and intercede on behalf of the different ministries of ICPF missions. Join as we seek God's face on our knees. If you have questions or want to get more involved, contact us at (716) 427 3468.