An initiative by ICPF International Inc.

Learn, Grow, & Thrive

Mission statement:

To help students Grow and Flourish in all aspects of life.

Inter-Collegiate Prayer Fellowship (ICPF) is an organization reaching out to the "New Generation" studying in universities and colleges worldwide. As a movement, it has spread to many nations and has touched countless young people to bring hope and peace among those looking desperately for it.

We live in times where technology has made so many advancements, and children get exposed to technology from a young age. It has become crucial that children are reached out to at a young age and taught suitable moral and ethical lessons. We have to "catch them young" before they take steps that will leave life-long impacts. We see that today most of the issues are happening among school children. Addictions to negative things that cripple life are increasing at an alarming rate among school-going children worldwide.

To address the challenges, the young generation faces, "THRIVE" is a new program initiated by ICPF International Inc. that aims to "help students Grow and Flourish in all aspects of life." The word thrive means to "grow vigorously or flourish." THRIVE focuses on programs designed to help with good moral and ethical teaching, physical wellbeing, mental health, emotional health, skills development, leadership development, and spiritual development.

Focus Areas

  • Moral and Ethics
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Skills development
  • Leadership development
  • Spiritual development

How we do it

  • Conduct Classes
  • Focus Area Curriculum/ Training
  • Follow-ups with Trainers/Students
  • Provide Resources/ Community