Campus Ministry

About Us

The student lead ministry is under the umbrella of ICPF (Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship) which is the campus ministry movement that migrated from India. ICPF is a Full Gospel ministry that God raised in order to develop student leaders who would fulfill the task of winning students for Jesus Christ. As the name suggests, ICPF is a prayer movement. We THRIVE on prayer as it is the fuel that ignites, equips, empowers and unites the ministry to accomplish God’s plan of using weak vessels to serve and love the students on campus from all over the world.

The purposes of the organization include but are not limited to:

  • Conducting on campus prayer meetings, Bible study groups and outreach activities
  • Conducting social awareness meetings
  • Conducting programs to help international students with various cultural and spiritual acclimatization needs

The organization also networks with other similar ministries on campus and outside to present the Gospel and fulfill the purposes of the organization. The chapter members meet for prayer and fellowship weekly.

Mission and Vision


The mission of ICPF campus ministry is to present Jesus Christ to students on campus as we serve them with prayer, love and fellowship. This is accomplished through ICPF’s campus ministry pillars which are prayer, preparation of leaders, strategic planning through power of Holy Spirit, and partnership of like-minded student organizations/churches, and passion to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

The vision of ICPF campus ministry is to raise up leaders that are equipped and empowered to take the initiative to present Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results up to God. We envision a multicultural ICPF chapter on every university campus in the USA.

Our Progress


Since Fall 2015, after decades of prayer, God has opened doors for campus ministry in USA in four local campuses in Texas. Campus ministry has seen the fruits of prayer laborers as international students are hearing the Word, requesting prayers and reading the Bible. Campus ministry has witnessed healings, infilling of the Holy Spirit, salvations and water baptism through immersion! We are thankful to God for honoring our humble beginning.

ICPF Campus Ministry Updates

Since Fall 2015, ICPF has started student ministry efforts in Texas at:
  • University of Texas at Dallas 2015
  • University of Texas at Arlington 2016
  • Southern Methodist University 2017
  • Texas A&M University 2018

ICPF is hosting outreaches at respective campuses in Texas to share God’s love including:
  • Game Night
  • Biryani Night
  • Movie Night
  • Discussion and Dinner Night
  • Worship/Bible Study Night

Do you want to start ICPF Campus Ministry in your City or State?

  • Begin personal prayer for God to lead you to potential student and adult volunteers who are also passionate about campus ministry
  • Raise awareness about the need for ICPF campus ministry with your contacts
  • Contact ICPF Director of Campus Ministry for guidance and resources to help you get started!

For more information, contact:

Jose Maliyil / ICPF International Missions
Director of Campus Ministry
(972) 523-1024