ICPF, an indigenous full gospel student ministry was born as the fruit of earnest prayer of God's people three decades back to minister among university students in India. The student camps held in Charalkunnu, Kerala regularly since 1973 under the able leadership of the great visionary Prof. Mathew P. Thomas paved the way for the formation of a full gospel student ministry. In 1980, it was officially named Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship (ICPF).

In the year 1980 it was officially called Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship(ICPF). In the initial years, laymen volunteered their time to go to campuses but the Lord was gracious enough to provide a full time campus missionary in the year 1982. Since then this ministry took wings and spread across 16 states of this vast nation. Today we have 100 full time staff and many volunteers and hundreds of student leaders. ICPF today ministers to over 15,000 students per week through it's 750 campus/off campus cells.

We have also touched millions with the message about the perils of drugs, alcohol, pan masala,illicit sex and disintegrating family relations through our mass media efforts. We still have over half of India to reach and millions in the university campuses to hear the liberating gospel of Jesus. ICPF has also made its efforts to reach out to the student community and Youths in the Gulf Region and United States, since 1997 and 2001 respectively. The camps, Retreats and seminars held in these areas yield rich dividends to the parent folk.

ICPF is a winning team, which can touch millions for Jesus Christ.

Crib and Cradle -- With a vision of reaching students in the campus, a student's use meet regularly at the residence of Prof. Mathew P. Thomas who was teaching in Mar Thoma College, Thiruvalla at that time. They conducted Full Gospel Students Camps every year since 1973, at Charalkunnu in Kerala under the respected leadership of Prof. Mathew P. Thomas. Every year college 250/300 college students, teachers and some other leaders assembled there for four days.

At a time when a Spirit led full Gospel student ministry was a historical necessity, Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship was the answer to the prayers of God's children. Accepting the fact that there are several Christian activities among students in the land and recognising that the magnitude of work demanded spirit filled proclamation of the whole content of God's Word to the new generation, after much contemplation, careful consideration, detailed deliberations and seeking the direction of the Holy Spirit, the delegates of the 350 strong student conference of 1980, unanimously decided to form a ministry with full Gospel emphasis to work among college students with wider scope and perspective. And Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship came into existence. ICPF is aimed at reaching the unreached millions of students in college and university campuses teaching them the full content of God's word. ICPF encourages students to attain academic excellence and moral and ethical uprightness so guiding them to be patriotic and to become noble citizen of the country.

Growth -- Initially ICPF had only a handful of meetings /prayer groups and a few committed voluntary workers. But in answer to the tearful prayers, sacrificial support and tireless toil of Godly women and men, God protected it and made the work grow and spread its wings to more than 19 states in 2009. Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship is indigenous and independent in the fullest sense.

Lately ICPF has an international face with camps, retreats and other regular prayer/Bible study groups in the Australia, USA, UK, and the Gulf countries. ICPF got openings in some of the African countries as well.

Now ICPF has around 100 field staffs along with scores of dedicated voluntary workers who put in quality time in this endeavor. They together encounter thousands of students with the Gospel every week through personal visits and contacts , prayer/Bible study groups, Moralawareness programs and Counseling .

Presently ICPF has several hundred campus units meeting regularly on weekly/fortnightly basis. Along with these campus units, hundreds of one/half day retreats and scores of three/four day camps are held to teach and train thousands of students annually. Thus during the past two decades of its inception thousands of students could be contacted with the saving knowledge of God's Grace and hundreds were rescued from the darkness of sin and brought to the marvelous light of God's Son.