Equip & Empower

What is Equip?


Equip is a program developed by ICPF International Missions to teach, train, and prepare male high school to college-aged students to be true disciples of Christ in their generation. Each year,a 3-5 day camp is held that focuses on various topics essential to leadership, such as doctrinal foundations, spiritual warfare, and servant leadership. After being educated about these various subjects, students are challenged and motivated to utilize and apply these lessons in their local campuses and communities. It is a program led by adult leaders who are trained and equipped in practical leadership and discipleship. The program trains participants to become true servant leaders and propels them in areas where they can practically apply the principles of servant leadership.

What is Empower?


Empower is a program similar in structure and implementation geared towards the training of young women in ministry. The curriculum and training formats followed in Equip are followed for Empower with slight modifications as required for the population being trained.

Mission and Vision of Equip and Empower


The mission of Equip and Empower is to “equip and empower” a generation of High School and College students with Biblical training and mentoring.


Equip and Empower (E2) Camps were organized and initiated from 2012 onwards with the Vision of making disciples following the Greatest Leader Jesus Christ by the Word of God and directed by the Holy Spirit. These Camps aim to build up young men and women who are 18 years and above, through the organized teaching of the Word and training for Practical Christian Living.

In a generation where irreproachable spiritual mentors are quickly becoming an extinct species, these programs are intended to prepare its participants to be pragmatic mentors of a Missional Lifestyle. The principles which guide these programs are multi-fold, and includes:

  • Teaching the Word of God
  • Asserting and emphasizing positive Christian Influence on the attendees
  • Providing encouragement for standing up boldly for Christ and His principles
  • Training for Spiritual Warfare
  • Focusing on Spiritual Maturity

The curriculum of these Camps is prepared for structured learning of the Scripture and is prayerfully selected each year to include Theology, Practical Disciplines, and Spiritual Leadership. Teachers are selected after careful consideration of their life and teaching since their words and practice will impact the listeners. Students are encouraged to take various roles in the Camps, so that Servant Leadership is taught in a practical manner.