Equip & Empower

Equip is a program developed to teach, train, and prepare male college students to be true disciples of Christ in their generation. Each year, a five-day camp is held that focuses on various topics essential to leadership, such as doctrinal foundations, spiritual warfare, and servant leadership. It is a program led by adult leaders who are trained and equipped in practical leadership and discipleship. The program trains participants to become true servant leaders and propels them in areas where they can practically apply the principles of servant leadership. Empower is a program similar in structure to Equip and implementation geared towards the training of young women in ministry. The curriculum and training formats followed in Equip are followed for Empower with slight modifications as required for the population being trained. Once trained through Equip and Empower, the young men and women are clustered into various groups to go on International mission trips to the countries where ICPF International Mission is currently involved in, start and sustain campus ministry in the colleges and universities they are part of, and become student leaders for the various components of the Ignite ministry.