Ignite Ministry

An age group that is often neglected by local churches comprises of the middle and high school children. While the potential and the scope of developing that potential is immense during this age, the efforts to influence and impact them have been minimal. Keeping this group in mind, ICPF International Missions developed Ignite, to help successfully navigate Middle School children to High School and College as spirit-filled young men and women with strong biblical, spiritual foundations and instill a passion for missions in them. In partnership with families, IGNITE exists as an intergenerational program to train the students to be true servant leaders, and to send them out as individuals of integrity who will transform their homes, schools, churches, communities and the world for Christ. Discipleship happens within the community and it is a long-term process. With the intention to facilitate this process and to help build a Paul & Timothy relationship model between student leaders and students, Ignite has developed monthly sessions conducted separately for parents and students. The student sessions enable children to build relationships with trained student leaders, engage in activities, and participate
in discussions while going through a structured curriculum of learning God's word in a pragmatic way.The parent sessions focus on looking at issues that could be hindering healthy parenting, and work towards understanding and relating to our children better, and thereby effectively bridge the generational gap. While the principle of Ignite is to ‘catch them young’, the principle behind it is to have these children Equipped and Empowered with the Holy Spirit anointing. Tarry meetings are a highly impactful experience when children learn how to wait upon the baptism of the Holy Spirit with peers of their own age. Together, they get to unravel the challenges/temptations they are facing and prepare their hearts to receive the power of God in the closer-knit community which is a rare experience, not easily available to them in the church atmosphere. The age group of the Ignite attendees require proper development of their social experiences as well. Sports and other recreational activities are conducted to connect with the kids on their turf by engaging them in activities to introduce God as their Father and the Ultimate Coach in their lives. The middle and high schoolers of today are the ‘Z’ generation. They love technology and online learning! Webinars are being used as a great tool for students and their parents to connect and learn from the comfort of their own homes. A 6-week series of interactive webinar Bible study sessions are scheduled to be conducted every summer. Ignite is blessed to have a great team of pastors who have been dedicated to teaching during these sessions. The series takes students on a journey about discovering themselves, their purpose on earth, their destiny and role in God’s Kingdom, in addition to covering basic doctrines. There is a question and answer session following each module, where students can post questions to the speaker on the topic that was discussed. The activities of Ignite do not end with the above. An annual camp is designed to deepen further and strengthen the relationships amongst team members, build Christian character, emphasize on having a servant's heart and instill a passion for missions. The annual camp is filled with various activities such as small group discussions, interest groups and family fun. Through the ministry of Ignite, the goal is to have a group of young men and women who are Equipped and Empowered to be frontline missionaries as they enter college.